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The belt

About the design

The OB1 belt is made with rubber, stainless steel, nylon thread and hook-and-loop tape… And that’s all?

Simple does not mean innovation-less. This belt has been created keeping in mind that comfort, safety and ethics as the three pilars of the design.

We paid attention to many details to make the best diving belt ever: from the choice of the materials to the optimum length of the hook-and-loop tape.

The OB1 belt is handmade in haute couture factories. The expertise of our handcraft workers guarantees that each belt is manufactured according to the highest standards in the industry.



We did it! Removing the buckle has been the best decision ever. No more discomfort because of this metal piece.

It doesn't move

Thanks to the “sharkskin” finish of the rubber, the OB1 freediving belt does not slip on towards the chest when you’re diving head down. Even with a slick wetsuit, and even when the wetsuit compresses under the water pressure.


OB1 respects the environment by choosing durable and high quality materials.
Safety is enhanced thanks to high-end materials use and very strict quality control.


Materials have been selected for their quality, their durability and the proximity to the factories. Every part of the belt has been made in France or adjacent countries.


The belt is closed thanks to a high-quality hook-and-loop tape. It adjusts perfectly to every waist. You won’t hesitate anymore between the “too loose hole” and the “too tight hole”.


Dropping a weightbelt with buckle needs between 5 and 8 seconds: the time needed for the tip of the belt to pass trough the buckle. 1 second is the time to open the OB1 belt and ditch it (That’s why there is a “1” in our name).

Opening OB1 belt requires 1 second, with 1 hand, in 1 movement.


OB1 belt is handcrafted in France. We know the factories we are working with, and we know that every employee in working in decent conditions and earns a decent salary.

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